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“Lee Newman, Happy Together The 60's Songbook. Deejays are turning this songbook of the 60's into a big hit. Newman has the genes for fame!"

 - Liz Smith, New York Post 


"Relatively Singing has a place in the tapestry that defines us. Lee Newman's music is a nice way of acknowledging those crystals of the storm that added beauty to our world a long time ago."

-Al Martinez, L.A. Times


" Third generation: Lee Newman debuts 'Relatively Singing' with grandpas' hit tunes. They'd love sonny boy." 

-Army Archerd, Daily Variety


"Of the two hundred different versions, I consider this version the most important one for 'Never My Love' because it smacks of the old, but Lee has made it new!"

-Richard Addrisi, Writer of "Never My Love"


"This is a 'must have' CD. Lee Newman sounds absolutely awesome. The arrangements are great. Get this CD. Now!"

-Tony Asher, Writer of "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and "God Only Knows"


"Newman's 'Happy Together' CD captures the 60's. Great music for a Sixties party!"

-Richard Perry, Producer


"A great record. An engaging voice. Lee has a retro voice from that sweet sound of the Sixties music." 

-Doug McIntyre KABC Talk Radio, Los Angeles

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